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Date: Tues, 18 Mar 2003
From: TInews Announcement <announce@tinet.ita.doc.gov>
To: TInews Announcement <tiannounce@tinet.ita.doc.gov>

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U.S. International Trade Administration
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March 18, 2003


Contact: Office of Travel and Tourism Industries
E-mail: otti@trade.gov
Web: http://tinet.ita.doc.gov
Phone: (202) 482-0140
Fax: (202) 482-2887

Contact: Helen Marano

Please do not open any TInews with the subject line – “A powerful tool.” Specifically, do not open the “exe” file that is attached. It contains a virus.

The Office of Travel and Tourism Industries regretfully need to inform/warn you that our TInews system was compromised in early March. We deeply apologize for this issue. Hopefully, your virus protection software caught this before anything happened.

The e-mail with the virus did not originate from our office, but we were a victim of a national security problem that occurred with “SENDMAIL.” As you know, many “exe” files have been problem files, especially when they are from an unknown sender. Our office does not send “exe” files.

Researchers at Internet Security Systems (ISS) have discovered a remotely exploitable vulnerability in SENDMAIL. This vulnerability could allow an intruder to gain control of a vulnerable sendmail server. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability may allow an attacker to gain the privileges of the SENDMAIL. Many companies use SENDMAIL, so it may be advisable for you to check with your LAN administrator. SENDMAIL has produced patches to resolve this issue. The patch can be found at: http://www.cert.org/

The OTTI server has been upgraded so at this point this problem will not occur again. We have not issued a new TInews since this occurred. We will be sending out several new ones over the next few days, however, on data and programs or events.

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Washington, D.C. 20230
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e-mail: otti@trade.gov

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