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Date: Wed, 25 September 2002
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UK Travel Recovery Barometer Reports Growth in Fourth Quarter 2002

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September 25, 2002

UK Travel Recovery Barometer Reports Growth in Fourth Quarter 2002

On September 18, 2002 the U.S. Department of Commerce, ITA, Office of Travel and Tourism Industries (OTTI) released the results of the third UK Travel Recovery Barometer Survey covering travel demand during the third and fourth quarter of 2002.

The UK Barometer reports that a year after the 9/11 atrocities, travel from the UK to the U.S. will be higher than in the fourth quarter of 2001. The study shows that positive growth signs exist for both independent and package travel. However, the Barometer indicated that third quarter 2002 travel demand will be down compared to the same period in 2001, as safety concerns lingered.


Growth in the second half of 2002 was mixed for various states and cities. Travel within Europe remains the top competitive destination, as travelers continue to stay closer to home. The UK travel trade indicated that safety concerns for travel to the U.S. will diminish in the fourth quarter, while concern for the level of promotion by U.S. destinations and businesses and availability of U.S. packages will increase as a barrier for driving travel to the U.S. in the fourth quarter.

A majority of the Barometer respondents reported that U.S. bookings had decreased during April, May, and June 2002, compared to a year ago, with bookings during June down strongly. However, bookings during July were slightly more upbeat. Inquiries followed suit with bookings during April through July. However, cancellations during the same period of time were unchanged compared to 2001. This is a positive sign that travelers are more confident in planning and taking trips.

State and City Travel Demand

Demand for travel to several states and cities were included in the latest Barometer survey. State and city specific results are reported in the Destination Subscription. To get further information, please view the subscription details on the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries web site at:


Respondent Base

The UK Barometer survey was conducted on-line during July and August 2002. Twenty-five out of 55 core UK travel trade companies responded to the survey, with a solid mix of representation. Approximately two fifths (41%) of the respondents were tour operators/wholesalers, seven percent were both tour operators and retail travel agents, and three percent were retail travel agents only.
One fifth (21%) were destination-marketing representatives, seven percent were both destination-marketing representatives and corporate marketing representatives. The remaining respondents were as follows: information center (7%), travel related association (7%), consumer/trade press (3%), and other (3%, airline).


The Barometer program is a tool for industry to help provide a short-term forecast on travel demand from the UK to the United States. The USDOC, Office of Travel and Tourism Industries conducted the UK Barometer survey in conjunction with the U.S. Commercial Service - UK and the Visit USA Association UK (Ltd). The survey, conducted in July and August 2002, gathered input from the UK travel trade for travel demand to the United States. The survey also covers bookings and inquiries from April through July 2002.

The UK Travel Recovery Barometer program was launched after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, which brought into view the tremendous impact of travel and tourism on the U.S. economy, especially the international segment. The Barometer is a qualitative gauge of travel demand from the UK travel trade's point of view. The first survey highlighted just how clearly outbound travel was derailed from the September 11 attacks. The second survey was launched to monitor the recovery for winter, spring, and summer travel demand to the U.S. based on the UK travel trade's business conditions. This survey gathered input on travel demand for travel to the U.S. during the second half of 2002.

The UK Travel Recovery Barometer is a cost recovery driven program. The core subscription is available at no charge to the UK travel trade that regularly participate in the survey. There are three levels of subscriptions available for a fee (for all other interested parties): the core subscription, the destination subscription, or a customized subscription. To learn more about the UK Travel Recovery Barometer program or to subscribe, contact the USDOC, Office of Travel and Tourism Industries at 202-482-1129 or via the web by visiting http://tinet.ita.doc.gov/recovery/

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