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Date:Tue, 1 Feb 2000 18:39:27 -0500 (EST)
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Subject: TInews: Japanese Arrivals Increase - DOC Offers Great Marketing Opportunity

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Japanese Arrivals Increase - DOC Offers Great Marketing Opportunity

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As the Japanese economy recovers so does the growth in arrivals. Spurred on by a positive economy, a great exchange rate and a strong desire to travel to the U.S., the summer of 1999 proved to be a turning point toward positive arrivals from Japan.

TI reported its third quarter arrivals figures in the "Summary of International Arrivals to the U.S." report, with Japan showing positive growth in arrivals during the summer months (up 3%) for the first time since 1997. Despite the positive growth in the third quarter, 1999 total Japanese arrivals, January through September, are down three percent compared to 1998. Tourism Industries has forecast Japan to regain ground in the next three years by 2% to 3% each year.

The current positive turn around and the future outlook are key reasons to not miss the DOC sponsored Messe-bition, a bi-yearly fair and expo scheduled for April 29 to May 4, 2000.

The U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service, Osaka, Japan office released an International Market Insight (IMI) report offering a low cost opportunity to make a big promotional splash in Osaka through the successful Osaka Messe-bition, a combined Import Fair and Tour Expo. Below is the full IMI released by the Commercial Service.

For more information on the Japanese visitor - trends and impacts, visit TInet and go into the Stats Central section. To get more details on Japanese monthly arrivals or air passenger traffic visit the Monthly section of TInet. For in-depth Japanese data visit the IFS program country specific reports and customized analysis section

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International Market Insight (IMI) U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service, Osaka - Kobe, Japan:

Have sky-high advertising costs kept you from reaping the potential of your American consumer goods and travel destinations in Japan?

1. The exorbitant cost of advertising in Japan (costs per 1000 for TV and national press are several times US rates) have kept many promising American consumer goods and services from ever realizing their potential in Japan. And only a couple of American travel destinations -- a Pacific island state and territory -- can afford TV advertising. Yet, Japanese interest in U.S. lifestyle and travel is hot. And, the strong yen has made American goods and travel the best bargain for Japanese they've been in years.

2. The U.S. Commercial Service (CS) Osaka-Kobe offers a low cost opportunity to make a big promotional splash in Osaka, hub of a Kansai region of over 23 million people (within an hour by train), an economy 75% bigger than Canada, with per capita gross product of over $40,000, 50% higher than in America: Osaka Messe-bition, a combined Import Fair and Tour Expo (April 29 to May 4, 2000), which attracts upwards of 400,000 people. Through Made-in-the-USA (MUSA), a joint initiative of the CS Osaka-Kobe with the Kansai Chapter of the American Chamber of Commerce Japan (ACCJ) to promote American products, services and tourism, we offer prime location booths and events, including lotteries for free vacations to the US, stage events, VIP visits, and giveaways to insure that MUSA is the busiest, most popular area at the whole Messe-bition.

3. Tied in with the American lifestyle theme, which is so popular in Japan, MUSA offers an ideal setting to sell, sample or even just advertise and promote your American products, services or travel destinations. A basic 3x3 meter booth (3 walls & carpeting) runs 283,500 Yen (about $2780) but for exhibitors who commit by February 29, 2000 and pay, the cost is only 255,150 yen (about $2500). For tourism promotion only (also part of the MUSA Pavilion), we offer a special package mini-booth (1x2 meters) with carpet, chair, and counter (75,000 yen or about $750) and a literature display rack (or equivalent literature in two or more facings on a counter) for 30,000 yen ($300). From Fortune 500 companies to small entrepreneurs, you won't likely find a more cost-effective consumer-oriented promotion in Japan than this! But Messe-bition is only held once every two years. MUSA's space is filling up. You must pay by February 29, 2000, to get a 10% discount on a full booth. See last paragraph to get full packet.

Don't take our word for it -- take it from satisfied exhibitors!

4. In 1996, Made-in-the-USA showcased 40 exhibitors to the 360,000 visitors to the Osaka Messe-bition. At the next Messe-bition, in 1998, MUSA showcased 63 participants to 380,000 visitors: 47 exhibitors featuring American housing and furnishings, housewares, appliances, food, fashion, autos, sporting goods, recreational and leisure equipment and a further 16 participants promoting tourism to the U.S. From Fortune 500 makers to small one-man companies, 6 out of 7 exhibitors in the 1998 MUSA Pavilion were highly satisfied and planned to do the Messe again in 2000. One of the largest American exporters to Japan enthused, a Fortune 500 firm, enthused: "This was (our) inaugural involvement in a horizontal product fair; we are extremely pleased and look forward to future opportunities to join you in promoting American products." An American car dealer glowed: "The type of consumer we met and reached with our message was, unlike the import motor shows, much more representative... being able to display in MUSA was really great!" A housing industry spokesman noted: "The main benefit... for housing product companies was the tremendous exposure..." And small firms raved: "Excellent, best participation in a show yet." "Sales were excellent," "Wonderful!"

What products benefit at Messe? Check out 1998 exhibitors:

    Brazos Sportswear(Disney licensee, T-shirts)
    D.H. Fitness (California fitness fashion/equip)
    DSI (Japan agent for MKOM (My Kind of Man) casual fashion)
    Lands' End Japan (promoting catalog sales)
    Magic Nails (American nail care cosmetics)
    Oscar de la Renta (American made formal line)
    Spacewide(native American and Western goods)
    Spectare Japan (body piercing, young jewelry)

Food & Beverage:
    Caffe Luca (Seattle Late Coffee)
    Haagen Daz Japan (ice cream)
    Miller Beer
    Procter & Gamble (Pringles)
    Tengu Foods (American organic & natural foods)
    U.S. Meat Export Federation (U.S. beef, etc.)

Household Goods:
    Amway Japan (wide range of household goods)
    Brooks Intl. ("Eco-nuts" personal disinfectant)
    Hawaii Business Show (glasses cleaning solution)
    Japan Clean Systems (agent for Kirby Vacuums)
    Regal Ware Japan (non-stick cookware)
    Royal Queen (Westbend stainless cookware)

Housing & Interior:
    American Forestry & Paper Association
    General Electric Appliances (Yoshioka Denki)
    Fontis Industries (American insulation)
    Japan Safety Water (US water filters and solar)
    JC Penney Home Collection (interior textiles)
    Jen-Aire Ranges
    Kohler (plumbing)
    Kraftmaid Kitchen
    Lindal Cedar Homes
    Masco Japan (Delta Faucets, Weiser Locks, etc.)
    Maui Homes (2 x 4 American housing)
    Pease Entrance Doors (through Maui Homes)
    Underwriters Laboratories (certify plumbing)
    Washington State Office (leading housing state)
    West House (American 2x4 housing builder)
    Wethershield Windows (through Maui Homes)
    Zephyr (American interior decorator)

Recreation & Leisure:
    American Homes (Head of Japan RV Importers)
    Foreign Buyers Club (import books and food)
    Huffy Sports (basketball stands)
    ICG Japan (gymnastics mats, etc.)
    J-2 ("water rower" rowing machine)
    "Lifestyle USA" (American lifestyle magazine)
    Little Tikes (plastic playground toys/equipment)
    Metex (fitness belts, massagers, golf clubs)
    On the Field (US Sports collectibles)
    One Planet Trading (educational toys)
    Saturn (GM cars)
    Trek (mountain bikes)

Visit the USA Lounge & Travel Lottery:
    American Airlines
    Delta Airlines
    Dollar Rent a Car
    Hawaiian Classic Resorts
    Hawaii Visitors Bureau
    Hyatt Regency
    Las Vegas Convention Bureau
    Meson (rustic American bed & breakfast in Japan)
    Minneapolis/Minnesota Convention Bureau
    Mississippi River Company
    Northwest Airlines
    Ritz Carlton
    Travel South USA (11 state tourism cooperative)
    United Airlines
    Visit USA (private spin-off of USTTA Japan)
    Westin Hotels & Resorts

For a complete information packet, contact:
Mr. Michiaki Hayakaya
Exhibition Department No. #2
Osaka Intl. Trade Fair Commission, Intex Osaka
5-102, nanko-kita 1-chome, Suminoe-ku
Osaka 559-0034, Japan
Tel: 81-6-6612-1042
Fax: 81-6-6612-8585
E-mail: hayakawa@fair.or.jp

For questions, contact:

Todd Thurwachter
Principal Commercial Consul
AmConGen Osaka-Kobe
Unit 45005, Box 239
APO AP 96337
Tel: 81-6-6315-5953
Fax: 81-6-6315-5963
E-mail: Todd.Thurwachter@mail.doc.gov

But hurry! Space is limited and the full booth discount requires payment (using forms from Mr. Hayakaya at the Osaka Intl. Trade Fair Commission -- he can fax them to save time) by February 29!


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