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Date:Fri, 27 Aug 1999 16:13:03 -0400 (EST)
From: TInews Announcement <announce@tinet.ita.doc.gov>
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Subject: TInews: New Outbound Canada Tracking Study Launched on Canadians' Seasonal Intent to Travel

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New Outbound Canada Tracking Study Launched on Canadians' Seasonal Intent to Travel

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In the spirit of improving destination data, Tourism Industries will be a founding member of a new exciting seasonal Outbound Canada Tracking Study (Intent to Travel Study) of the Canadian outbound travel market to the United States (the outbound market for Canada is normally referenced as the inbound market in the international travel data for the U. S.). This involvement is a major step in our new Destination Data Improvements Initiative. The Conference Board of Canada (an affiliate of the Conference Board Inc., New York) and DataPath Systems are launching this first tracking study of Canadian outbound travel. Tourism Industries met with these firms and joined this unique project because it marries a monthly trade bookings survey conducted by the Conference Board of Canada with a seasonal expanded consumer intent to travel survey conducted again by the Conference Board in partnership with DataPath Systems. An added value is that the study includes a post trip survey to gain a "conversion" rate as well as trip and destination satisfaction ratings of actual travelers. Tourism Industries feels that this type of study will greatly enhance the ability of the U.S. travel and tourism industry to understand, plan for and react to our largest international market. Go to the website for the Conference Board of Canada (http://www.conferenceboard.ca/ctri) to see more detail on the methodology and timing for this study. The study is scheduled to start in the Fall for the Winter Travel Intentions of Canadians.

As part of our financial participation in this program, Tourism Industries will be able to disseminate the national overview of the data results. All additional access to the Outbound Canada Tracking Study will be by subscription only, including destination specific data. For the full service package, subscribers receive four reports -- two intentions reports for Winter and Summer; two post trip reports for Winter and Summer. All reports will be customized for the subscriber indicating what the results mean for their organization. Subscribers will be invited to attend a meeting to discuss the findings and implications of the survey after each round. Telephone and email inquiries are available free to all full-service subscribers. Special tabulations are also available upon request. The full service package is $14,500 U.S. Alternatively, organizations can purchase only seasonal reports for $7,500 U.S.

This is a good step toward improving and expanding our nations' international database. TI is excited to see private sector initiatives taking such leads. As stated earlier, TI is an early subscriber to the Outbound Canada Tracking Study and urges destinations that are active in the Canadian travel market to investigate this opportunity further. You may contact David Redekop, Principal Research Associate, The Conference Board of Canada at 613-526-3090 ext. 324 or email at redekop@conferenceboard.ca.


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