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June 29, 2015

2015 I-94 Arrivals Data Delay

Technical problems are affecting I-94 Program data gathered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and used by the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC)/National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO) to calculate arrivals to the United States. NTTO takes its responsibility as the only source of arrivals data seriously and is working diligently with its CBP colleagues to resolve all of the issues. We believe that once we find resolution, our arrivals data will be more robust and timely than it has been in past years.

DOC delivery of 2015 I-94 arrivals data is delayed because of several issues that surfaced in late April 2015. DHS/CBP began to experience a backlog in data entry of paper I-94s. These paper I-94s primarily affect Guam (the 9th largest overseas U.S. port of entry in 2014), which is a non-electronic port of entry and one of the only CBP location still generating a large number of paper I-94s.

In addition, CBP is in the process of completing an enterprise-wide transition to Oracle for all of its data systems. This modernization program will ultimately provide NTTO with additional and more timely U.S. arrivals data. Specifically, it will provide access to other data sources, such as the Arrival and Departure Information System (ADIS). ADIS could enhance international arrivals information, including better data on current residency and length of stay in the United States.

CBP is in the process of conducting a Pilot to determine if ADIS provides comparable and better quality data to the I-94 Arrivals Program. If this Pilot is successful, we will work diligently with CBP to make a transition from the I-94 Legacy System to ADIS. However, ADIS will introduce new business rules that will require a period of NTTO testing and verification to ensure data quality.

We appreciate your patience during this U.S. arrivals data release lag. We know that many of you rely on these numbers for high-level reports and that this delay may negatively impact your business processes.

Once we determine that we have a reliable and dependable data source for arrivals to the United States, we will begin delivering 2015 U.S. arrivals data.

NTTO and DHS/CBP will continue to work to deliver quality, timely international arrivals data to all government and industry users.