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March 12, 2015

Bringing Latin America Buyers to United States Sellers
La Cita 2015 - Palm Beaches, Florida

In 2013, Latin America (visitors from Mexico, Central, South America & the Caribbean) generated a record 21.5 million visitors of the record 69.8 million arrivals to the United States, more than 30% of all visitors to the country. Latin American arrivals are up 57% since 2003. Within Latin America, the countries of South America represent the growth area for the region, up 238% since 2003.

Spending in the United States by all Latin countries generated a record $52.4 billion of the record $215 billion spent by international travelers, up 102% since 2003.

By 2019, the new National Travel & Tourism Office Forecast for International Travel projects that Latin arrivals may reach 28.8 million visitors, up 34% over 2013. Mexico and South America will lead the growth for arrivals from this region, increasing by 34% and 25% respectively over the five year period.

South America, alone, accounts for 52% of U.S. exports in the Services Sector and Mexico’s share of all services exports from this country was 61%. These figures show that the United States has strength in the services sector.

Successfully doing business in the Latin America region is about building and sustaining relationships. In Latin America, business is conducted with trusted colleagues, based upon relationships and experience. This powerful market force is rooted in the uncertain economies and the generations of tradition where loyalties exist to survive good times and bad.

Taking place in Florida’s Palm Beaches on September 2-4, La Cita is not a trade show where you stand in a booth, or walk around a pavilion hoping to meet potential clients and introduce them to your product or services. It’s a two-day event with thirty fifteen-minute pre-scheduled appointments held in participating suppliers' offices (which come already equipped with furniture, Wi-Fi and electricity). Think of it as speed-dating among travel professionals where everyone knows who they are going to meet in advance.

Latin American delegates include wholesalers and large retail travel agencies that handle leisure, VFR, meetings, incentives, and corporate travel. Travel media, representation companies, U.S. Embassy staff, air carriers, research companies and other business development components also participate.

“La Cita helps buyers and sellers develop strong, business-producing relationships, with people they trust and is designed for attendees to engage Latin America’s key travel and tourism decision-makers,” said Rick Still, Managing Director, La Cita, “and if you want to get stronger in the LATAM market, La Cita is the right show for you to attend. http://www.lacitaamericas.com/

The National Travel & Tourism Office participates in meetings and delivers a presentation on the latest market intelligence on the Latin American market. Hear about the latest trends in arrivals, spending, and traveler characteristics data including the destinations visited by Latin American visitors, along with the Forecast for International Travel to help understand the changing Latin market to the United States.

For more information on international arrivals, spending, traveler characteristics and a forecast can be seen at: https://travel.trade.gov/outreachpages/inbound.general_information.inbound_overview.html

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