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December 29, 2014

U.S. Citizen International Travel Increased 12 Percent in October 2014

U.S. outbound totaled 57.1 million for 2014, up 10 percent
Double digit growth in travel for month to Mexico, Middle East and Caribbean

Monthly % changes 2014/13/12

October 2014/2013 Comparisons(1)

U.S. travel to overseas markets totaled 2.2 million, up five percent in October and six percent for the year (26.1 million). Regional results for the month were as follows:

  • Europe, 915,000 travelers, up three percent
  • Caribbean, 437,000 travelers, up 10 percent
  • Asia, 398,000 travelers, up two percent
  • Central America, 146,000 travelers, up six percent
  • Middle East, 134,000 travelers, up 10 percent
  • South America, 124,000 travelers, flat
  • Oceania, 47,000 travelers, up eight percent
  • Africa, 26,000 travelers, down four percent

U.S. travel to other North American markets totaled 2.8 million and was up 19 percent compared to October 2013. Travel to Canada and Mexico for the year (31.1 million) was up 13 percent.

  • Mexico, 1.9 million travelers, up 25 percent in October. Border ‘1+’ night travel up 42 percent. Tourist (longer haul) travel up seven percent. Air travel (407,000) was down two percent.
  • Canada, 905,000 travelers, up seven percent. Air travel (324,000) up nine percent

October 2014 YTD Market Share

U.S. travel to overseas locations accounted for 46 percent of U.S. outbound international travel.

  • Europe, a 18 percent share;
  • Caribbean, an 11 percent share;
  • Asia, a seven percent share;
  • Central America, a four percent share;
  • Middle East, a three percent share;
  • South America, a three percent share;
  • Oceania, a one percent share, and
  • Africa, almost one percent share

North American markets received 54 percent of all U.S. international outbound travel.

  • U.S. travel to Mexico a 36 percent share; and
  • Canada a 19 percent share.

For detailed information and data tables please visit: https://travel.trade.gov/view/m-2014-O-001/index.html

NTTO reports U.S. outbound travel monthly by all modes, expanding beyond air-only traffic. Total departure travel, inclusive of all modes, to Canada and Mexico is reported in addition to the air-only subtotals. The timing of this report is dependent on receipt of aggregate data from Stats Canada and Banco de Mexico.

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(1) Overseas and Mexico air markets reflect non-stop air-only data. A portion of the non-stop passenger traffic to Europe, Middle East and Mexico will transit those regions, connecting through airline hubs (LHR, AMS, FRA, CDG, DBX, MEX etc.) to points beyond. The adjustment to these regions, reflecting ‘visitation’ (1+ nights), occurs after year-end Survey data is compiled.