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May 29, 2014

2013 International Visitation to the United States Report

The U.S. Department of Commerce today released its 2013 report on International Visitation to the United States, which is now available on the National Travel and Tourism Office website <https://travel.trade.gov>.

The report on 2013 International Visitation to the United States includes a brief analysis, 11 separate tables, charts and graphs outlining international visitor volume data for the following:

  • Total International Arrivals
  • Top Overseas Regions
  • Top 50 Markets
  • Comparison of Pleasure to Business Visitors
  • Top Ports-of-Entry

Highlights(1) from the 2013 International Visitation to the United States Report

  • 2013 international visitation sets a new record to support the National Travel and Tourism Strategy.
  • The United States welcomed 70 million international visitors in 2013, three million more than the year before-a five percent increase over 2012.
  • In 2013, the top inbound markets continued to be Canada and Mexico.
    • Non-resident visits from Canada grew three percent, which set a new record in 2013.
    • Mexico, with 14.3 million visits, grew one percent.
  • Seven of the top inbound overseas regional markets posted a record level of visits to the United States.
    • Asia grew nine percent;
    • South America jumped 16 percent;
    • Oceana increased eight percent;
    • Middle East increased 14 percent;
    • Eastern Europe expanded 18 percent;
    • Central America increased four percent; and
    • Africa was up 18 percent.
  • Visitation from Western Europe grew two percent partly due to increasing visits from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.
  • Visits from Japan, the People’s Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong), South Korea and India spurred Asia to post a nine percent increase for the year.
  • Annual overseas visits (excluding Canada and Mexico) totaled a record 32.0 million during 2013, up eight percent over 2012.
    • In 2013, travel from overseas markets accounted for 46 percent of total non-resident visits to the United States.
    • Twenty-seven of the top 50 overseas markets set new visitation records in 2013.

To view or download a PDF version of the report, go to: <https://travel.trade.gov/outreachpages/inbound.general_information.inbound_overview.html>

National Travel and Tourism Strategy
In 2012, a Task Force on Travel Competitiveness, chaired by the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of the Interior, developed the National Travel and Tourism Strategy to promote domestic and international opportunities throughout the United States and increase the U.S. market share of worldwide travel. The Tourism Policy Council, chaired by the Department of Commerce, is leading the implementation of the National Strategy through inter-agency working groups, including a Research Working Group chaired by the National Travel and Tourism Office. The I-94 Program supports the National Strategy’s call for expanded metrics on international travel to the United States. I-94 automation further supports this initiative as it greatly improves the measurement of international visitation data to the United States. To learn more about the National Strategy, you are encouraged to visit <https://travel.trade.gov/pdf/national-travel-and-tourism-strategy.pdf>. For more information on I-94 automation, please visit <www.cbp.gov>.

(1) Percent changes registered for international visitation to the United States for 2013 were calculated by comparing data for January - December 2013 to data for January - December 2012.