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August 14, 2013

Webinar Series: International Travel & Tourism Markets - A Review

The U.S. Department of Commerce's Office of Travel and Tourism Industries (OTTI) and the Global Travel and Tourism Team, along with other guests, have been conducting webinars on international travel markets since November 2011. In addition, following each webinar, Commerce has worked with (NTA) the National Tour Association to develop a coordinating article for their Courier.

The articles developed and published have been consolidated into a web-based report. The report is entitled: Key Market Intelligence for U.S. International Inbound Travel. There are ten countries covered in the publication: United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, Australia, China, Canada and Mexico. Additionally, there is also an article related to the OTTI's fall 2012 forecast of international travel and a how to increase international business by working with the U.S. Department of Commerce. The 32-page report includes summaries of each webinar, along with a few accompanying tables. The report can be found at: http://digital.ipcprintservices.com/publication/?i=162225

In addition NTA continues to publish webinar summaries that have occurred since the report was published. The first part of the Taiwan webinar can be found in their July 2013 on-line report at: http://onlinedigitalpublishing.com/publication/frame.php?i=164460&p=16&pn=&ver=flex

Part two of the Taiwan webinar recap can be found in the August issue of Courier Magazine online at: http://onlinedigitalpublishing.com/publication?i=167933

OTTI, the Commercial Service (CS) Travel & Tourism Team and NTA are working to create the printed summary of the latest webinar, which focused on the Top Four OverseasTraditional Markets Versus the "BRIC" Country Markets. Representatives from Brand USA provided a marketing update related to these markets as well, which will also be incorporated into this summary. This two-part article will be published in the September and October issues of Courier Magazine, so watch for them

To learn more about the webinar series and upcoming webinars, you are encouraged to visit: http://export.gov/industry/travel/travelwebinars/index.asp

This is the link to the Commerce, CS, Travel & Tourism Team page. You are also encouraged to click on the many links found on this site in order to learn more about how Commerce can assist you in becoming more effective in the international travel market.

Commerce is working with several trade associations and others to develop a plan for the FY2014 webinar series offered. If there is a market you would like to see featured, or if there is a market we have held a webinar and you would like to see the most current data to help you plan your efforts in the marketplace, please contact OTTI at: otti@trade.gov

For those of you who have been part of the webinar series, thank you for your participation. If you have ideas on how we could improve the program, or there are other types of webinars you would like to see offered, please provide your input. If you missed one or more of the webinars, please take advantage of the on-line publications to learn more.

The Commerce Travel & Tourism Team would also like to thank the National Tour Association for developing this report of the previous webinars and for making it available. Additional thanks to all of the companies who participated in the webinars, providing excellent market intelligence from their perspectives. Many thanks, as well, to the National Tour Association, Receptive Services Association of America, Destination Marketing Association International, and the U.S. Travel Association for their assistance with informing their members of the webinars.

It is the Team's intention to continue to offer this program to provide the latest information on the changing international market to this country. Your input as to what has been useful and what you would like to see covered in future programs would be most appreciated. (OTTI@trade.gov)

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