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July 10, 2012


The U.S. Department of Commerce Travel & Tourism Team has delivered 16 webinars since July 2010. Three of the most recent webinars were on the top Asian markets that visit the United States: Japan, China and South Korea.

Japan: The second largest export market to the country, whose visitors spent nearly $17 billion on travel and passenger fare exports in 2011. Japan is the fourth largest arrival market for the country generating around three million visitors or more each year since 1989.

South Korea: It is currently the 11th largest travel export market for the country ($3.8 billion). As an arrivals market, it currently ranks eighth, generating almost 1.2 million visitors.

China: The fastest growth market for the United States. China is the seventh largest travel export market to the country ($7.7 billion) and spending by Chinese has grown by more than 30 percent each year in seven of the last eight years. In terms of arrivals, China entered the top 10 list for the first time in 2011 and surpassed the one million visitor market for the first time. It is forecast to become the 5th largest market by 2014.

Each of these markets is unique and changing. How do you capture a larger share of these three top Asian markets? By better understanding them. How can you gain an understanding of the visitors from these three countries? One way is by registering to listen to the U.S. Department of Commerce Travel and Tourism Team webinars on Japan, China and Korea.

On April 3, the Commerce Travel and Tourism Team hosted the Japan webinar. On June 4, they hosted the South Korean webinar. When broadcast on June 21, the China webinar had the largest number of listeners of any webinar the Commerce Travel and Tourism Team has hosted.

If you missed anyone of these webinars, the Commerce Travel and Tourism Team is offering a limited time opportunity for you to listen in and view the information provided during each of these three webinar at a reduced cost. For $25 per webinar, you can listen and see the information provided for each market. To learn more, go to: http://export.gov/industry/travel/index.asp or register for the recorded webinar of your choice by clicking on the respective registration links below:

For Japan, register here: https://emenuapps.ita.doc.gov/ePublic/newWebinarRegistration.jsp?SmartCode=1QBR

For Korea, register here: https://emenuapps.ita.doc.gov/ePublic/newWebinarRegistration.jsp?SmartCode=1QBQ

For China, register here: https://emenuapps.ita.doc.gov/ePublic/newWebinarRegistration.jsp?SmartCode=2Q95

Our goal is to help U.S. businesses develop and/or expand their exports. We have a Presidential mandate to double U.S. exports by 2014. In addition, the President's National Tourism Strategy calls for increased public/private partnerships to expand travel exports. We hope the webinars will expand your knowledge, increase your interest and entice you to use the products and services of the Commerce Travel & Tourism Team so that together we can realize the growth potential of these and other markets.

An upcoming original webinar focused on the Australia travel and tourism market is scheduled for July 18 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. EDT (U.S.). For details, please visit: https://travel.trade.gov/tinews/archive/tinews2012/20120706.html.

In order to register for the July 18 Australia webinar, please go to: https://emenuapps.ita.doc.gov/ePublic/newWebinarRegistration.jsp?SmartCode=1QBM

Future webinars are in the works for the United Kingdom and Canada.

Is there a market you would like to see the Commerce Travel & Tourism Team add to the upcoming webinar list? Send us your country wish list and the Team will work to create future webinars to meet your needs. Want to go one step further? If you have already listened to one of the Team's past webinars, tell us what you liked, or didn't. What can Team members do to improve their webinars? Please send your comments and suggestions to: schermin.smiley@trade.gov

For more information on the Commerce Travel & Tourism Team, go to: http://export.gov/industry/travel/index.asp

For more information on the research programs available from the Office of Travel & Tourism Industries, go to: http://tinet.ita.doc.gov/

For those of you who have supported the webinars in the past, we thank you. For those of you who have not, here is a chance to experience them at half price on your own time. Questions please contact: Global Travel & Tourism Team Leader, Anastasia Xenias at: Anastasia.Xenias@trade.gov or by calling (212) 809-2685.

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