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June 04, 2012

U.S. International Air Passenger Travel for April 2012 Year-to-Date Totaled 55.4 Million

OTTI Reports Total International Arrival and Departure Air Traffic

Re-engineering efforts by both the Department of Homeland Security and OTTI/International Trade Administration have converted international air traffic source data from a paper-based DHS I-92 system to an electronic reporting system based on the advanced passenger information system (APIS). As a result, OTTI can now present a more timely and holistic look at the U.S. international air traffic market. While the centerpiece continues to be on U.S. citizen/resident outbound data since that converts to U.S. travel exports, OTTI now has at hand additional data worthy of sharing with the public and transportation stakeholders.

The goal will be to report overall air traffic statistics, for the month of travel, as soon as it's available after month end (on/about the 15th of the following month). Summary charts presented in this issue, on regions, ports and airline traffic, will subsequently appear as linked Excel tables.

Metrics to be reported are total travel (arrivals and departures), the mix of U.S. citizen vs. foreign citizen air travel, U.S. flag airlines vs. foreign flag carriers and top foreign airports. Another benefit from APIS is that U.S. - Canada air traffic is now available for the first time

In addition to this new report, OTTI will continue to publish its ‘traditional' U.S. Citizen Outbound report, which now contains ‘all mode' (air, land and sea) travel to Canada and Mexico. See: https://travel.trade.gov/view/m-2012-O-001/index.html.

Summary of January through April 2012:

International air traffic to/from the United States(1) totaled 55.4 million passengers from January through April 2012, a 10 percent increase over the same period in 2011.

U.S. citizen travel (24.2 million) increased seven percent and comprised 44 percent of all air traffic. Foreign national (non-U.S. citizen) air travelers (31.2 million) increased by 12 percent, representing 56 percent of the total market.

U.S. airlines carried 30.3 million passengers, up seven percent, however their share slipped from 56 to 55 percent. Foreign flags carried 22.2 million passengers, up 13 percent from January 2011, increasing their share to 45 percent.

International Passengers (mlns) % Chg y-o-y Market Share % Pt change
   U.S. Citizens 24.230 7% 44% -1
   Non-U.S. Citizens 31.195 12% 56% +1
   U.S. Flag Carriers (2) 30.282 7% 55% -1
   Foreign Flag Carriers 25.143 13% 45% +1

Overseas air traffic accounted for 40.2 million passengers, 73 percent of all international air traffic. U.S. citizen travel (18.2 million) increased seven percent and comprised 45 percent of all air traffic. Foreign national air travelers (22.0 million) increased by 13 percent increasing market share to 55 percent.

U.S. airlines carried 21.2 million passengers, up nine percent, however their share dropped from 54 to 53 percent. Foreign flags carried 19.0 million passengers, up 12 percent from the first four months of 2011. Their traffic share increased to 47 percent.

Overseas Regions Passengers (mlns) % Chg y-o-y Market Share % Pt change
   U.S. Citizens 18.196 7% 45% -2
   Non-U.S. Citizens 21.985 13% 55% +2
   U.S. Flag Carriers 21.195 9% 53% -2
   Foreign Flag Carriers 18.986 12% 47% +1

Total air traffic to/from overseas regions performed as follows:

Overseas Regions Passengers (mlns) % of all International
   Europe    14.314    26%
   Asia    8.449    15%
   Caribbean    6.422    12%
   South America    4.332    8%
   Central America    3.139    6%
   Middle East    1.838    3%
   Oceania    1.275    2%
   Africa    0.412    1%

North American markets accounted for 27 percent of U.S. international air traffic flows.

Canadian air traffic accounted for 8.3 million passengers, 15 percent of all international traffic. U.S. citizen travel (1.6 million) increased eight percent and comprised only 19 percent of all air traffic. Canadian and other foreign national citizen air travelers (6.8 million) increased by eight percent maintaining their market share at 81 percent.

U.S. flags carried 3.5 million passengers, up five percent, and their share dropped from 43 to 42 percent. Foreign flags carried 4.8 million passengers, up 10 percent increasing share to 58 percent.

Canadian Region Passengers (mlns) % Chg y-o-y Market Share % Pt change
   U.S. Citizens 1.576 8% 19% 0
   Non-U.S. Citizens 6.762 8% 81% 0
   U.S. Flag Carriers 3.517 5% 42% -1
   Foreign Flag Carriers 4.821 10% 58% +1

Mexico air traffic accounted for 6.9 million passengers, 12 percent of all U.S. - international traffic, and was up 10 percent. U.S. citizen travel (4.5 million) increased five percent and comprised 65 percent of all air traffic. Foreign national air travelers (2.4 million) increased by 20 percent increasing their market share to 35 percent.

U.S. flags carried 5.6 million passengers, up three percent from last year, and their share dropped from 86 to 81 percent. Foreign flags carried 1.3 million passengers, up 46 percent increasing share to 19 percent.

Mexican Region Passengers (mlns) % Chg y-o-y Market Share % Pt change
   U.S. Citizens 4.457 5% 65% -3
   Non-U.S. Citizens 2.449 20% 35% +3
   U.S. Flag Carriers 5.569 3% 81% -5
   Foreign Flag Carriers 1.337 46% 19% +5

Top 10 Foreign Airports (Passenger Traffic to/From U.S.) April 2012 YTD:

    Passengers (millions)
1. London Heathrow (LHR) 4.017
2. Toronto (YYZ) 3.354
3. Tokyo Narita (NRT) 2.958
4. Cancun (CUN) 2.179
5. Frankfurt (FRT) 1.781
6. Paris/de Gaulle (CDG) 1.675
7. Mexico City (MEX) 1.622
8. Incheon (ICT) 1.461
9. Vancouver (YVR) 1.428
10. Amsterdam (AMS) 1.202

Top 10 U.S. Airports (Passenger Traffic to/From Foreign Airports):

    Passengers (Millions)
1. New York (JFK) 7.370
2. Miami (MIA) 6.440
3. Los Angeles (LAX) 5.334
4. Newark (EWR) 3.575
5. Chicago (ORD) 3.128
6. Atlanta (ATL) 3.040
7. Houston (IAH) 2.808
8. San Francisco (SFO) 2.733
9. Washington Dulles (IAD) 1.903
10. Dallas-Ft Worth (DFW) 1.794

Top 10 Airlines Serving U.S. International Non-Stop Markets April 2012 YTD:

    Passengers (Millions)
1. American Airlines 7.077
2. United Airlines* 6.619
3. Delta Air Lines 6.056
4. US Airways 5.563
5. Continental Air* 2.536
6. Air Canada 2.363
7. British Airways 1.981
8. Lufthansa 1.460
9. West Jet 1.429
10. Jet Blue Airways 1.337

* United Airlines and Continental merged operations on March 7th

A description of OTTI's program based on DHS APIS/ “I-92” data: http://tinet.ita.doc.gov/research/programs/i92/index.html includes subscription prices for detailed country and port level reports which are available in Excel and Adobe.

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(1) This reflects non-stop air-only data. A portion of the non-stop passenger traffic to Europe will not ‘visit' Europe, but will connect through one of Europe's airline hubs (LHR, AMS, FRA, CDG, MAD, etc.) to Africa and the Middle East. The adjustment to these regions, reflecting visitation (1+ nights), occurs after year-end data is compiled.

(2) Numbers for U.S. carriers slightly exceed what has been reported by Airlines for America (A4A). A4A reports mainline numbers for most of their member carriers. The DHS-I92/APIS data includes all carriers with international service to/from the U.S. including regional carriers, both affiliated and non-affiliated, and general aviation. The I-92/APIS however is not inclusive of Pacific inter-port or other ‘beyond' traffic.