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July 21, 2011

The U.S. Commercial Service Invites You to Participate in the
U.S. Pavilion at the International Tourism and Travel Show!
October 21 - 23, 2011
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The International Tourism and Travel Show is a one-of-a-kind show in North America with over 35,000 visitors. International Tourism and Travel Show 2011 is a must attend event for tourism and travel industry professionals to:

  • Meet representatives from more than 100 countries for three days of networking, showcasing destinations, and sharing expertise;
  • Create industry contacts;
  • Pitch destinations, products and services to a targeted audience;
  • Increase awareness and interest in your destination through an advertising and promotional campaign developed specifically for this event; and
  • Learn about the newest tourism and travel trends for travel from Canada to the United States.

Industry Overview:
Sharing the longest border in the world, the U.S. travel industry benefits from:

  • Over 19.9 million Canadian visits in 2010, up 11% from 2009
  • Being the number one destination for Canadian travelers
  • Over 80% of Canadians live within 160 miles from a U.S. border.

Quick Facts on the Canadian tourism industry:

  • Canadian families spend on average $ 6,750 CAD per vacation.
  • Canadian outbound travel to the US and other international markets increased by 9.5% totaling 28,680,000 overnight trips.
  • The U.S. was the main destination for seven out of ten overnight trips made by Canadians in 2010.
  • Canadians spent $14.7 billion in the U.S. during outbound overnight trips in 2010.
  • The purpose of Canadian travel to the U.S. is leisure (60%), visiting friends/relatives (19%) and business/other (29%).
  • The majority of travelers' preferred method of transportation is by car (60%), followed by airplane (34%).

Benefits of participating through the U.S. Commercial Service:

  • Event promotion on the official U.S. Commercial Services Canada website under upcoming events
  • Targeted promotion to federal and provincial government and trade association officials
  • Networking opportunity at the U.S. Consulate General's reception for U.S. exhibitors and potential partners
  • Access to 4' table, 2 chairs, carpet and promotion in the Exhibitor's Directory

Cost: US$ 1,950 (per participant)

For more information on The International Tourism and Travel Show 2011, please contact: Sue Bissi, Commercial Specialist, Montreal, 514-908-3673, sue.bissi@trade.gov.

To register for the International Tourism & Travel Show 2011, please visit http://www.export.gov/canada/

For More Information:
For more information about international inbound travel from Canada to the United States, please visit: https://travel.trade.gov/outreachpages/inbound.country_in_north_america.canada.html

Commercial Service:
The U.S. Commercial Service is the trade promotion arm of the U.S. Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration. U.S. Commercial Service trade professionals in over 100 U.S. cities and in nearly 80 countries help U.S. companies get started in exporting or increase sales to new global markets. Their website address is: https://www.trade.gov/cs/. U.S. Commercial Service offices in Canada may be reached via this website: http://export.gov/canada/

Office of Travel and Tourism Industries:
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