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January 11, 2011


At its monthly meeting in Dallas on Thursday, January 6, the Corporation for Travel Promotion (CTP) announced that it had launched its administrative website, and that all pertinent information about the Corporation and its work can be followed by logging on to: www.corporationfortravelpromotion.com. The CTP has also purchased the .org, and .net URLs.

Congress established the Corporation for Travel Promotion in 2010 as a partnership between the travel industry and the federal government, in order to create a marketing and promotion program that would help the United States compete for more visitors.

The Board of Directors was appointed by Secretary Gary Locke in September 2010, and they are currently working along multiple tracks to ensure that the marketing and promotion program is ready to launch when the first matching funds become available in October 2011. Their early groundwork includes:

  • Hiring a world-class executive director and staff;
  • Developing a marketing plan designed to achieve the maximum return for the travel and tourism industry and the nation;
  • Putting in place the infrastructure that will allow the program to be most successful; and
  • Implementing processes to ensure that the program is fully transparent, inclusive and accountable to the industry and the public.

Visitors to the CTP's administrative website can find information about the eleven members of the Board of Directors, future meeting announcements and previous meeting notes, as well as a host of other pertinent information about the Corporation and its efforts.

The travel and tourism industry is encouraged to communicate directly with the CTP, and the website has an interactive communications tool available for that purpose. For more information on the CTP's mission, their progress and how you can get involved, you are encouraged to visit this site often.

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