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July 7, 2006

We are pleased to welcome the leadership of Ana Guevara as the new Deputy Assistant Secretary for Services. She has served in this position since May 2006.

Ms. Guevara will oversee and manage three separate offices, which develop trade policy, identify foreign market barriers and analyze trends affecting the domestic and foreign competitiveness for U.S. businesses in the service, tourism and finance industries. Her office provides technical support to the United States Trade Representative during trade negotiations.

Additionally, Ms. Guevara will work to ensure that U.S. exporters have competitive access to export finance through the Department of Commerce’s representation on the Export-Import Bank and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

“It is an honor to serve President Bush and Secretary Gutierrez as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Services,” said Guevara. “America's services industries is the fastest growing sector in international trade, and I look forward to enhancing the global competitiveness of these industries.” The services sector represents approximately 75 percent of the private sector economy of the United States.

Ms. Guevara served 12 years at the United Parcel Services (UPS). Most recently, she was UPS’s vice president of public affairs for the Americas, where she oversaw all of UPS’s government and corporate relations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Prior to UPS, Ms. Guevara served in President George H. W. Bush’s Administration as special assistant in the office of the assistant secretary of Policy and International affairs at the Department of Transportation.

Guevara is a graduate of the George Washington University where she received her BA degree in International Affairs in 1985.

Since joining Commerce, Ms. Guevara has been very active in working with the industry. She has met with tourism representatives both in the U.S. and in Japan. Ms. Guevara would like to encourage the industry to reach out to her to work together on how Commerce can support the industry in the international market.

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