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Promote your destination in Canada!


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(202) 482-0140, Fax: (202) 482-2887

Take advantage of this opportunity to display your catalogs, literature, and videos at the Travel and Leisure Show ( http://www.travelandleisureshow.com/), Canada’s largest travel and tourism event this April 6-9, 2006, at the International Centre in Toronto. If you can’t be there, send us your catalogs!

Thirteen million Canadians travel to the U.S. every year and spend more than $7 billion - making them the #1 visitor market to the United States. The strength of the Canadian dollar has given rise to forecasts of over 17 million Canadian visits by 2007 (up 40% in 4 years) along with record increases in spending. Never has there been a better time to pursue this market.

Your catalogs will be displayed at the U.S Consulate booth where they will be distributed to consumers. In addition, your literature will be distributed at the pre-event Trade Night, which is open only to industry specialists on April 5 th. In return, you will be provided with contact information for those who pick up your brochures for your follow-up.

To ensure a place for your catalog, or get additional information, contact:

Anastasia Xenias

New York Export Assistance Center

Email: anastasia.xenias@mail.doc.gov

Tel: 212-809-2685 Fax: 212-809-2687

Please visit the following websites for more information on the Canadian market and these upcoming travel and tourism events.

Commercial Service Canada Website: http://www.buyusa.gov/canada/en/

Visit USA Committee Canada: http://www.seeamerica.ca/

More research: The Office of Travel and Tourism Industries invites you to visit our web site and explore our resources available on Canada:

Canada Page - http://tinet.ita.doc.gov/outreachpages/inbound.country_in_north_america.canada.html


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