ITA - Office of Travel and Tourism Industries
Survey of International Air Travelers Program
Survey Data and Reports

The Survey questionnaires are collected, edited and entered into the database. The data becomes available on a quarterly and/or annual basis in basically three formats:

  1. National and Country report tables,
  2. Customized data
  3. Aggregated data/information presented on the NTTO website,

National report tables

Overseas (Non-U.S. Resident) Travelers Inbound to the U.S.
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U.S. (Resident) Travelers Outbound to Overseas Countries
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Country report - offers more in-depth look at up to 12 countries Download .pdf
Q1 2012 Japan Residents to U.S.

Customized Data

Ad Hoc reports based on client requirements [U.S. to Vietnam]

Aggregate Level Reports

Based on data from the Survey tables, NTTO periodically publishes the following reports:

Estimates for U.S. states and cities visited by overseas travelers.
Profile of inbound overseas travelers to the U.S.
Market profiles of various countries originating travel to U.S.
Travel receipts (exports) - developed by BEA from Survey data

Profile of U.S. travelers to overseas destinations
Countries visited by U.S. travelers going abroad
Travel payments (imports) - also developed by BEA from survey data