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Custom Reports/Files - Survey of International Air Travelers (SIAT)

One of the unique features of the Survey program is its ‘data-mining’ potential. The Survey research data, collected from the questionnaire, is maintained in a computer database. Therefore, customized ad-hoc reports, special tables, data files, or diskettes can be developed if the standard pre-formatted reports do not meet your needs. See example of actual custom report, U.S. to Vietnam 2006.

We recommend that you work directly with OTTI's Survey contractor to obtain customized reports, tables or data files. These options will enable you to choose the format and content to answer questions you have about non-resident travelers to the U.S. or U.S. resident travel to international destinations. Most of the data collected is available to the public.

The price of an annual 2012 custom printed report, which is a 12-column, 35-table report from the Survey database on Overseas Travelers to the United States, starts at $7,130 for the first banner,  available in an Excel format accompanied by a .pdf copy. The second banner is priced at $6,775. The third banner and subsequent banners can be purchased for $5,290 each. For example, the total cost of a four-banner report would be $24,485

Custom reports may also be obtained for U.S. Travelers to Overseas Countries. The format for the 'outbound' reports is a 12-column, 32-table report. The prices are the same as what are listed above. A combined year report, i.e., 2009 – 2010, can be developed upon request.

Other data options include a Custom Table or Data File. Contact CIC Research or our office for price information.

Our contractor for the Survey research program is CIC Research, Inc. and they can be reached at (858) 637-4000. CIC’s main web site page is:

To learn more about the custom reports by visiting the CIC Research web site at:

Once there, view the overview of the OTTI program and the links to the custom reports for Overseas to the U.S. or U.S. to Overseas.

You are also welcome to contact the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries (OTTI) at: (202) 482-0140 and talk to Richard Champley or Ron Erdmann.

When using the Survey data please source: U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of Travel and Tourism Industries.

Destination-marketing organizations (DMO, i.e. state tourism offices or convention and visitor’s bureaus), interested in knowing how visitors to their destination differ from “average” travelers to the U.S., can compare the results of their custom run to the national report. Are their visitors demographically different (younger/older, do they spend more), what activities do they engage in, do they rent automobiles, etc.

The DMO might consider structuring their custom report format to parallel, use the same column headings as, the national level report. For example, the following 12 columns (banners) could be run for a specific destination and at the national level: (1) all overseas to your state or city, (2) from the UK, (3) UK leisure/VFR, (4) from Japan, (5) Japan leisure/VFR, (6) Japan package travelers, (7) from Germany, (8) from France, (9) all hotel/motel travelers, (10) travelers renting a car, (11) travelers visiting historical places, and (12) travelers going to an amusement/theme park. A comparative analysis would enable a D.M.O. to analyze what is unique about its destination, or how this market could be approached differently since its travelers differ from the national average.

OTTI offers the 12-point banner national level data, mirroring your destination banner, for $1,820 ($2,675 in Excel) after purchase of a custom report for your destination.

If you would like to discuss this option with an OTTI staff member, please call (202) 482-0140, or e-mail: