ITA - Office of Travel and Tourism Industries
Survey of International Air Travelers Program

Airline Participation

The National Travel & Tourism Office (NTTO) relies upon the voluntary participation of the U.S. and foreign flag carriers who fly to and from the U.S. The airlines help NTTO to survey passengers on a select number of departing flights from the U.S. during the third week of each month. For each airline, NTTO coordinates with an airline survey manager who oversees that airlines' participation at each gateway airport. The airlines also designate a gateway manager to coordinate placing the survey kits on designated flights. The flight crews distribute and collect surveys from the passengers (also voluntary on their part) and respond to questions related to the survey. They are also responsible for ensuring the survey kits are returned to the United States. The gateway managers mail the survey kits back to our contractor for processing.

NTTO thanks each of the airlines for their continued participation. Through this public/private partnership, each participating airline, the U.S. federal government, foreign governments and the travel industry have comprehensive, comparable data on the international travel market to and from the U.S.

From 1990 through 1999 NTTO sponsored an Airline Users Group which had membership from over a dozen global airlines. The group acted as a consulting body for the purpose of improving the air passenger survey program. NTTO expects to re-start the users group in the future. Users Meeting

In addition to the in-flight survey method, described above, NTTO also collects surveys at various airports. A field service contractor is used to distribute, collect, answer questions from survey respondents and then returns the surveys back to our contractor for processing. Airport cooperation is needed along with cooperation from the federal inspections staff at each airport. NTTO would like to thank these partners as well.

Below are lists of the airlines who participated in the 1995-2007 surveys. If you would like a list of carriers who participated in previous years, if you have any questions, or if you would like to participate please send a note to the Survey of International Air Travelers Program Manager.

To see the List of Airlines, click on the link for each year below: