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The International Visitor Arrivals Program provides the U.S. government and the public with the official monthly and annual overseas visitor arrivals to the United States. The National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO) manages the program in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Data are reported in a monthly publication "Summary of International Travel to the United States" - highlighting overseas visitor arrivals by country of residence (here is a Listing of countries by World Region), ports of entry, mode of transportation, type of visa, and more. Subscribers include: airlines, airports, U.S. destinations - state and city, major attractions, federal and state governments and consultants. Canadian and Mexican arrival data are sourced from Stats Canada and Banco de Mexico, respectively.

  • Inception of the program 1980 (related historical data exists since 1960).

  • In May 2013, I-94 Automation was implemented.

  • Subscriptions are available in monthly, quarterly, and annual frequencies. The available media include print (.pdf) and/or excel reports; NTTO can provide customized reports and/or data files.

Report prices: 2018 prices for standard reports range from $1,485 (annual) to $2,450 (monthly) for the combination Printfile/Excel reports. (See Publications and Prices section.)

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    NTTO's release schedule is dependent on the DHS I-94 monthly processing cycle. Normally data are received from DHS about 4 months after the travel month (i.e., December arrival data would be received by NTTO on/about May 1st). These data are then edited and processed into the reporting templates. The release of the data is also dependent on receipt of Canadian and Mexican resident data from Stats Canada and Banco de Mexico, respectively.
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