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National Travel & Tourism Office (NTTO):

Creates a positive climate for growth in travel and tourism by reducing institutional barriers to tourism, administers joint marketing efforts, provides official travel and tourism statistics, and coordinates efforts across federal agencies through the Tourism Policy Council. The Office works to enhance the international competitiveness of the U.S. travel and tourism industry and increase its exports, thereby creating U.S. employment and economic growth through:

• Management of the travel and tourism statistical system for assessing the economic contribution of the industry and providing the sole source for characteristic statistics on international travel to and from the United States;

• Design and administration of export expansion activities;

• Development and management of tourism policy, strategy and advocacy;

• Technical assistance for expanding this key export (international tourism) and assisting in domestic economic development.

Mailing Address:

U.S. Department of Commerce
National Travel and Tourism Office
1401 Constitution Ave NW
Room 10003
Washington, DC 20230

Main Phone Line:

(202) 482-0140


(202) 482-2887





Philip Lovas Deputy Assistant Secretary for Travel and Tourism, Industry & Analysis

Isabel Hill


Julie Heizer

Deputy Director

Brian Beall

Deputy Director for Policy



Mark Brown

International Arrivals to the U.S.*
Canada-U.S. (inbound and outbound)
Forecast of International Travel to the United States
Lodging Industry Data

Richard Champley

Aviation Data (airlines and airports)
Survey of International Air Travelers (SIAT)*
  National Reports/Custom Reports (inbound/outbound)
International Air Traffic Statistics (APIS/I-92) (inbound/outbound)*
  U.S. Citizen Outbound Traffic
International Arrivals to the U.S.*
Mexico-U.S. (inbound and outbound)

John Terpening

International Visitor Spending (inbound/outbound)
Travel & Tourism Satellite Account (economic impact)
Travel Industry Employment Estimates

Claudia Wolfe

I-94 Visitor Arrivals Program - International Arrivals to the U.S.*
Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) for Acquisition Program

Margie Parker

*Sales of Reports; Invoice Payments



Curt Cottle


Jennifer Aguinaga




Melissa Bennett


Schermin Smiley






Tel: 202.482.0140 // Fax: 202.482.2887